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Welcome! Established in 2004. At BiFemme we believe chemistry is key for a better experience! We strive to create a comfortable environment, where open minded attractive women and couples can meet. Come experience the “Best of Both Worlds” . We cater to HWP couples,average age range is 20s-50s . We host upscale themed events around New York City/Long Island areas at various locations (suites, lofts, penthouses, clubs, etc). BiFemme enjoys collaborating with other like minded lifestyle groups around the Tri State area, North East and down south, to bring you the best experience around.  Our events are exclusive invite only! Our Guest List is monitored, we are very selective!  We keep our parties intimate, Its Quality, not Quantity!  Our Dress Code is Trendy & Sexy.  At BiFemme YOU play by YOUR rules and you set the pace for the night. This is a ZERO Pressure environment. Proper code of conduct is expected as we are all adults. All of our members are screened through a thorough process and hand picked for each event. We are always evolving & no experience is the same! Being in the Lifestyle ourselves we know the level of quality we need to maintain and we strive to give our members the unique experience they are in search of…

Your Hostess,

EC2_2562arWho We Are

Now a little about us as a couple. SWINGING 15 yrs and loving every moment. Chemistry is key!. We love meeting up one on one with couples who understand the lifestyle and the fun that comes along with it! We are down to earth, non pushy, flirty, friendly, love to have fun, love to be real, enjoy the lifestyle very much w the right ppl. We practice safe sex. We are clean, HW proportionate, not super models, but take care of ourselves. We are open minded and wild! Respect is a must! Once we meet for a drink and the chemistry flows get ready for the time of your life! WE Have two little ones, SO PLANNING IS KEY!  We like to have fun in and out of the bedroom! We are happily married cpl of 13 yrs and 17 yrs together.  We understand how it feels to be a newbie in the lifestyle and so that’s why we strive to create a comfortable environment. We are secure with our relationship and upfront about what we seek. We love meeting new people! It’s all about a good time! Drinks, dinners, dancing, beach, vacations, etc.  She is BI with the RIGHT sexy woman! She has sxy curves in all the right places. She is selective with her woman and not BI for every woman. She loves her music loud, sex wild,role playing,socializing,light bdsm, dressing up and dancing! She’s usually the cruise director..lol (they call me Julie..lol) He is str8, former Marine, the ladies adore him. He has a great personality, hot body, great stamina, a pleaser for sure, a real sweetheart and has a tongue the ladies melt for. I am a lucky girl I must say!!  We are a pair like you’ve never known! At least that’s what they tell us..lol. I can’t stress enough we are not into drama, so please don’t pull us into yours. We are genuine real up front love to have a good time always play it safe. Its all about fun!! Cant wait to know you better!

From Sexycouple Elisa 5/3/16

Had a great time at your penthouse party. Looking forward to the next event!

From Maya K 4/10/16

Wanted to thank you so much for letting me come to your party last night! Its was sexy hot & super fun! I LOVED being the INITIATOR and getting everyone started! Once we got the ball rolling it was a sexy blast. Dave is super sexy too and it was awesome finally hanging out with you all! Thank you for sharing him with me the short sample I got 🙂 Hope to be at more of your events soon! HOttttttttt Party!!  Xo

From Jessie K 4/11/16 

Had a blast hanging with so many sexy couples! Can’t wait for the next soirée!!

From Nanj4 2/1/16

We recently attended our first event hosted by D & G. In advance of the party, before we met them G could not be anymore accommodating and friendly. They are terrific hosts-very warm and welcoming and they created a fun environment with great conversation; plenty of laughter. We were fortunate to get the hosts into the bedroom and “we clicked” this became one of our most memorable experiences. These guys are high energy and the life of the party.

From Deeliciciosly_ThicknMeaty 3/2/16

It was great partying with you. Awesome shing ding! looking forward to the next event

From ChristynBrad 2/28/16

One of the best parties we have been to so far! xo

From Steve & Julie 2/28/16

Had a Great time last night. Reconnected with some old friends and met some new ones… Been at least 8 years but nothing’s changed gina throws one hell of a party!!

From Michael and Miss Tavolacci 2/28/16

I must say… That was one amazing gathering last evening. You assembled a well dressed, polite energetic group of people. The venue was impressive. You have earned every stripe you wear. Always, xo

From bullkitty 12/07/15
We attended sxybifemli’s 40th birthday bash and what a great time we had! They knew how to throw a party and make us feel comfortable. We enjoyed meeting this attractive, sweet couple and the conversation we had. Looking forward to seeing them again and again. xoxo S & D

From 2cutenfit 11/29/15
Hmmm so the sexual tension continues to build after we attended this sexy couples Camo party a few weeks ago. Met G&D a few times over this past summer and we both enjoy the comfortableness (is that a word) that they give off. Still being fairly new, they are very patient and informative as they cum. Great hosts that throw an awesome party and if that’s any sign of how they are when we get them alone it’s gonna be one hell of a night!

From BrownEyedDoe 11/06/15
Had a great time at BiFemme Dolls and Demons party a few weeks ago. Warm and welcoming hosts– everyone was friendly, easy going and lots of fun. Hope to attend more events in the future! Xoxo A-

From Sinfullyplayfulxoxo 10/25/15
Absolutely fun and amazing event and both are such gracious and welcoming hosts!

From pistolkok 10/25/15
Some people just have the gift! They are that couple. Warm, friendly, charming and sweet! Glad they stopped to say hello and made us feel welcomed at their party! Looking forward to another event with Sxybifemli.

From couple4funNY 09/30/15
went to one of these two hotties parties and wow they can throw a bash. If you get lucky enough to get an invite don’t miss the opportunity. Very classy parties with that perfect amount of kinky naughtiness and a very fun group that they hand select. Those are some lucky hands lol Looking forward to seeing them again

From JV_curious 09/27/15
G&D,Thank you so much for inviting us out to your event. We were pleasantly surprised at the turnout. Beautiful hand picked couples and singles. We had the opportunity to connect with lots of old friends and made some new one’s. This was our first party by sxybifemli and definitely not our last. We will be looking out for your next event and for hanging out with you sexies again. Xoxo…All our best. V&J

From glitter528 08/25/15
We had the pleasure of meeting G&D a few times. What a cool, sexy couple. We were lucky enough to have been invited to one of their parties. Don’t pass up the chance to hangout with this great couple. Looking forward to getting to know them even better. Xo, J&R

From kenlaurie 07/30/15
Finally caught up to D&G after meeting some time ago at a party . Invited them over our house and we got along quite well . She is a sexy girl with the softest skin , i couldn’t keep my hands off of her . D had my wife’s undivided attention so much so i couldn’t help watching her ride him for all he was worth …giddy up girl!!! Looking forward to our next meeting . K&L

From MrExxxcitement222 05/21/15
Very happy to have met this couple. Very nice, respectful and just fun to be around. Definitely looking forward to fun times! Meet them – you won’t regret it!

From CuteNYCouple 05/05/15
IntimateParties Group Certified……………..Personality………. Where do u find it? How do u learn? Where do u fucking buy it? You Don’t!!.. You simply have it, And these two are swimming in it.. Both So Cure, So down to earth, So nice, so sexy, we sooooo want them, And so will you………Oh beautiful ones, adorned with spell To ravage our world as might sweet angels. Oh beautiful things, so much at ease: Allure of caressing breeze in touch gentle. Oh beautiful creatures, sail us do, As floating on seas of halcyon blue tincture. You beautiful beings, gracing charm And features that render feel of deep texture. Your beautiful poise in glide supreme, Gives such like a vista honed as from heaven. Those beautiful arts of face ornate, Not ever to understate or be riven. Your beautiful flames of pulchritude Doth dizzy us high, so we conclude with no other choice or way, You beautiful couple forever be our shining armor; our guide & our stairway….Meet them soon, Meet them now & meet them often……Love you both, Maddy & Joe…… IPG Baby!!!

From veselye69 04/12/15
Happy to add another certification to the existing list. In two words – they are the reason for the Lifestyles to exist! We’re happy we’ve finally met and, despite the distance between us, hope it was not just one-night stand. Bravo and kisses, V&M

From liblueeyes14 03/28/15
G & D made us feel comfortable and relaxed right away. D is a stud and the Mrs couldn’t get of enough of his touch. G is a hot sexy beautiful lady who knows what she wants and likes. If you look Swinging up in dictionary you will see their picture. If you are lucky enough to get a chance to meet them. Do it you won’t be sorry.

From Shirley17 11/11/14
Great couple! They were sexy, easy going and made a mundane afternoon into one to remember. We look forward to seeing them again and going to more parties with this exciting couple.

From dcdude2469 11/04/14
Thsee two are a real blast. Very comfortable and relaxed. G is gorgeous and really knows how to make you feel good. Her husband is a great guy and makes the atmosphere very relaxed and fun. Really looking forward to another get together.

From imaflirt11716 11/02/14
I was truly lucky to meet such an amazing couple at a Halloween party. They felt like old friends from the introduction. G and D are most certainly hot, fun, honest, and enjoyable. Hoping to call them friends. I’m still smiling.

From dandj1316 10/26/14
We Met D and G over the weekend at a party , and all we can say is WOW are we glad we did! These two are down to earth and very attractive! She is outgoing as is he. They were very easy to get to know! Exactly the type of couple everyone hopes to meet in the lifestyle. If you ever have the opportunity to meet with them, by all means do so! You will not be sorry you did! -XoXo D and J

From IncredibleHulk45 10/20/14
Gand D are two of the most amazing people you will ever meet .From the first time I met them I knew immediately that they were everything there profile said and so much more! D is the nicest most genuine guy in the world could not ask to know a better man! He allows you to feel comfortable and just at ease with whatever the evening might bring. G is truly one of the most incredible women you have ever laid eyes on ! Her eyes will pull you in and her sense of humor will wake you right up! This lady truly makes you feel like you are the only one in the room she captivates you and makes you feel like you are in the stars! Together they are the perfect couple they compliment each other better than the many couples I have had the pleasure of meeting!

From couple1040 08/05/14
Meet them through a mutual friend at a party recently and what a great time. Both them are hot and sexy and know how to please. Look forward to hanging with them again. You should too if you get the chance.

From agirl269 03/21/14
D and G are very real and very sexy. We met at a party where they made me feel comfortable and extremely satisfied. We got together again and had an even better time. Both aim to please and are super people! I am looking forward to many more exciting sexy encounters in what I hope turns into a lasting friendship!

From ThePrivateList 01/21/04
a real fun and yummy couple, see them alot, quite a character she is, and he is a true gentleman, also very attractive both of em!

William D. reviewed BF Parties —
October 4, 2015 at 8:17pm ·
Best of both worlds….from casual to insanely erotic. Never a dull moment. Beautiful crowds, always different…wouldn’t be missed

Rob M. reviewed BF Parties —
December 29, 2015 at 6:44pm ·
I’ve been to a few of these parties and it’s always well organized with a great crowd and a good mix of people that get what the lifestyle is all about. Looking forward to the next one

Mich N Robellious Tpg reviewed BF Parties —
December 29, 2015 at 9:36pm ·
Amazing hosts!!! Its the exclusive crowd you are looking for. Well organized and zero pressure for anything. Highly recommend!!

Joe W, reviewed BF Parties —
October 4, 2015 •

5 stars! !!!!!!!!