Simple Do’s & Don’t In Swinging Lifestyle

Your perceptions and the choice you will make will matter a lot for your success in the swinging lifestyle.

Here are dos and don’ts for you to enjoy the lifestyle:

Simple Do’s & Don’t In Swinging LifestyleMake the experience your own

You should prepare well for any swinger event. In case it is an event organised by swingers in your area or an in house event, you should dress the way you will feel comfortable.

Don’t over-imbibe

The impression you will make will remain in the minds of those who will be present in the swinger party. You should always behave well for you to create good impressions.

Do be discrete

Even if you will meet with your co-worker at the swingers’ event, you should keep the matters secret. Your choice to become a swinger remains in you and you should always respect other people’s choice.

Don’t assume your spouse can read your mind

There are some things you may wish to do in a swinger party. You should approach your partner and let him or her know about them. Assuming the partner can read your mind will easily lead you into troubles.

Avoid entering lifestyle situations

After you decide to engage in swing lifestyle, there are things which will happen after your first encounter with other swingers. You should talk about the possible happenings before you attend the swinger event and maintain the discussion after you have left the swingers event for you to know what may have upset your partner and the way forward.

Don’t play chicken

You should be free with your partner in the swing lifestyle event. In case you decide to play mind games where you will like to see how far your partner can go in the swing event, other swingers will easily notice it and they will run away. This will lead you to lacking the adventure which you may have gone to seek at the swing event.

Don’t argue in public

You should avoid at all costs cases where you will argue in public. It is not the nature of swingers to argue, you will make everybody at the event stare at you.

Do be conscious of hygiene and personal grooming

You should always ensure you have kept your private areas well groomed and clean. In case you smoke, try to have a mint or gun to avoid the bad smell.

Do be totally honest about your boundaries

There are some extents which you will not like to reach as a swinger couple, you should discuss and set them before you start any swinging adventure.

Don’t set your expectations too high

For you to find a couple whom you can explore swing lifestyle together, try to set realistic expectations.

Do figure out what you like and what you don’t

You should be open and willing to encounter different situations in a swinger event. There are some situations you may not be used to, you should give them a try after they present themselves and see where you will reach.

Pick a safe word

You may like to signal your partner out of a situation for you to have a private talk, try to do it politely for you to avoid creating a scene.